16 Tips for Planning the Perfect Sweet 16

Here are TLC ENTERTAINMENT’s 16 Tips for Planning Your Sweet Sixteen:

1.) Early! Early! Early! Start thinking about the party as early as possible. Whatever your party decisions are, it will be a lot easier, if you have time to properly plan.

2.) Develop a realistic budget. Sweet 16’s can cost quite a bit. After you’ve developed your budget, be sure to discuss it with your teen. Make sure you both have realistic expectations of the party, and explain the costs to your teenager.

3.) Decide on the setting as quickly as possible. If you’re booking a popular venue, you could find yourself competing with couples that are booking weddings.

4.) Coordinate your date with the important guests. It can be frustrating to find a date and time that works for everyone, but it will make the day memorable for the guest of honor if as many loved ones are there as possible.

5.) Daytime parties could be a solution to saving money! Many venues offer discounted rates for parties held during the day instead of at night.

6.) Study the trends/fads. Trends for teens can be fickle, but they’re important to most teenage girls, so don’t disappoint.

7.) Develop a theme. Popular themes used could be colors or a favorite place. They’ll make decorating more fun and possibly even a little easier.

8.) The’16 Candle Ceremony’ can be an emotional time for friends and family. Let your teen make the decisions on whom to include, but a little guidance from the parents never hurt.

9.) Have your teen help in the planning process. The more they are involved the more of a bond you’ll have heading into the big day.

10.) Extra! Extra! There are tons of special features that are available for the party. Karaoke, light shows, and more. Stay within your budget, but try to have fun with it. A little bit can go a long way. Here’s a look at some of our special features offered at Create Excitement.

11.) Selecting the perfect song for the Father/Daughter dance can make for a tear-jerking moment. If no songs come to mind right away, we’re happy to help! We’re experts in the music field.

12.) Work with the photographer/videographer ahead of time. Make sure they know what shots and guests are important to you. They’re professionals, but you don’t want to risk missing the important moments and people.

13.) Don’t forget party favors for your guests. They don’t have to be large, but they go a long way in making sure that your guests feel special and acknowledged.

14.) If you’re going to be shopping for a dress, remember start early! It takes time to find the perfect dress! Plus, alterations take time too.

15.) Photo Montages go a long way to making the day a celebration. We’re happy to help put together a montage with family photos that will allow you to pause and reflect on the significance of the big day.

16.) And finally, ENJOY the big Day! You’ve spent months preparing; take time to celebrate with your 16-year-old and your loved ones.