Sweet Sixteen

What Our Clients Are Saying . . . 

Wow soon you'll be turning sixteen!
Congratulations from all of us here at TLC
We realize how important this event is to you and your family. At TLC we have one goal, to make this day the most memorable it can be.  How you ask?…. We will plan every detail of the party with you, when it comes to sweet 16s we know that no two girls have the same ideas for their party.  Lets face it in the last few years sweet sixteens have evolved from a simple get together to a full blown out production. TLC can help every step of the way.  We offer NY's Premier Sweet Sixteen DJ Entertainment, Lighting, Photography, Video Production & Photobooth Rentals.
Give us a call at 516.414.0914 to find out more information about our Sweet Sixteen services.
With TLC Entertainment your sweet 16 won’t be just another party, it will be a trend-setting nightclub 
inspired Super Sweet 16.

Why should we book our party with you? What makes your company different?

TLC Entertainment specializes in modern, stylish & posh super sweet 16 parties.

We love working with creative clients who envision something different and unique

for their events.

We are different from most other DJ companies, and proud of it.

TLC Entertainment brings an entirely new approach to your event, offering a professional,

tasteful and unique experience guaranteed to rock your dance floor.

TLC Entertainment evolved from a commonly seen problem with DJ companies

              after attending way too many events with cookie-cutter performers, cheesy

routines, constant obnoxious talking and bad music selections, we saw an opportunity

to provide a refreshing alternative to generic and forgettable DJs and offer a more

modern, Sophisticated and exciting DJ performance for your sweet 16 or special

occasion. We are way more than just great DJs, we are music mixologists & Event hosts!

We have the experience to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long, even if

they don't like to dance. Instead of just playing song after song randomly like a jukebox,

we seamlessly mix your favorite songs and genres together and use our ability for

reading the crowd to make you and your guests the focus of attention, not us.

We are a small, family-owned company.

We only book one sweet 16 per day, so we can put all of our efforts into making your event the best it can be and provide you with the

personalized service you deserve. We'll work closely with your family

to understand your vision and get all of the details right to make your event one to remember.

Whether it's an intimate affair or a lavish gala, we can turn your occasion into a

celebration like no other.

We Offer The Best In:

DJ Entertainment

Experienced MC's

Interactive Party Dancers/Motivators

Professional Photography & Cinema

Video Production

PhotoBooth Rentals

Premier Sound Systems

Illuminated L.E.D Dance Floor 

FlatScreen TV's - Giant Video Walls 

L.E.D Light Up Staging 

Intelligent Lighting Design - UpLighting Decor

Lounge Furniture Rental

Party Robots on Stilts

Hora Loca Show

Are you ready to take your sweet 16 party to the next level?

Contact us now so we can make it happen. Call 516.414.0914

Quite often we are asked, How Much Do You Charge? 

Our Prices start at $28,000... Just kidding. But, did we get your attention? : )
The answer to that is pretty simple. What are the options you would like to have at your

Sweet 16? There are a lot of variables that will determine your investment with our

entertainment firm. We like to use the word investment because we believe you are truly

investing your money to guarantee the ultimate success of your party. Like anything else we do we take the boutique style approach to event design.

What does that mean to you?

Well it means we will plan every detail of your affair with you including: Music selection
(Do's & Dont's), Candle Lighting, formalities, announcements, guest requests, level of

interaction, guidelines and much more. We will also build a custom party package with any and all options you select. 

At TLC Entertainment we feel no two clients are ever the same, therefore no two parties are ever the same.

The options for your event are limitless, If you can dream it up, we can bring it to life.

What is the best way I can receive a price quote?

Our firm prides itself in giving each family a personalized experience, that experience will start by calling us at 516.414.0914 and setting an

intimate face to face meeting in our studio. Once here we will figure out what are your “must haves” and what are your “nice to have”

 options for your special day. We also use this initial meeting to show our unique sweet 16 guide and planning process which took over 25 years to perfect.

This first meeting is also a great way to get to know one another better and gauge if we are a good fit for each other.

To give you a rough estimate, our sweet 16 entertainment pricing including our DJ/MC

 (1 Man Show), premier sound system and 4 hours of non-stop music respectfully starts at $1,000.00 and goes up from there depending on what kind of package we put together for you. The average family spends between $2,500.00 to $3,500.00 on their dream DJ entertainment

package with us.


“Our Price Match Guarantee”


We think it’s important that you know exactly what you can expect from us, and the high level of customer satisfaction we strive for in

everything that we do. We have offered our services to our clients as a full-time professional business since 1989, this is not a hobby for us or a "side job".

Our ONLY focus is on our clients, therefore our prices reflect our services and quality. Our prices are based on the professionalism,

 experience, talent, service and expertise of our entertainers and the cost of doing business using commercial equipment and keeping our music library

and skills current. Our pricing is very competitive but our personal commitment to serving our clients is above average.

We believe our pricing reflects our experience and the top notch level of service you will

receive when you book our firm.

TLC Entertainment & Studios wants to extend its service commitment to future customers. “Our Price Match Guarantee” is a new promotional

campaign designed to fight these tough economic times. This promotion is perfect for those who are looking for the best priced

DJ Entertainment, Photobooth Rental, Video or Photography, but are not willing to sacrifice quality.


It’s pretty simple. First, shop around for the very best price you can find. Then get a written quote or contract from one of our competitors.  Next, make The Last Call to TLC and book an appointment to visit our studio.  Then just bring the written quote or contract to our studio and we will match their price guaranteed!


 TLC must have availability for desired date

  Event must be booked at least 3 months in advance

   Must present a written quote or contract on competitor letterhead (No Emails)

  Competitor must only perform at ONE event per calendar day

 Competitor must have a store front location or studio

  Competitor must recommended by catering facility

  Competitor must be a full time business, fully insured and in business for at least 15 years 

  Competitor must have NO negative customer feedback on yelp, Google reviews, Wedding Wire, or any similar websites


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